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75% of kids in Kenya do not finish high school because of poverty...

     ... but it doesn't have to be that way.

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Makhanga Hope Academy selected Best Private School in District - 5 years in a row!

Our Achievements
The first steps were small: Kitchen supplies so the students at least could have a good breakfast and lunch. Mosquito nets to protect against malaria while they slept. Cots so they slept off the ground. Then came more and more current textbooks and even computers. Mileposts followed the years:
2004 - 2009
2004 - 2009

2004 – African Angels provides students with uniforms and tuition supplements; boarding schools receive beds.

2005 – African Angels undertakes its first infrastructure projects for existing schools: adding a classroom and office to the Eluuya Friends Secondary School and Milima Secondary School in Naitiri location Bungoma North District both of which are Public schools and much-needed water wells to other schools.

2006 – Working with the Kenyan government and local parents, Tony and Eunice acquire land in Makhanga village, Naitiri Location, Bungoma North District, on which to build their dream school.

2007 – Construction begins on the dream school; the permitting process is just as time consuming.

2008 – The Makhanga Hope Academy opens as a co-educational secondary school for both day students and boarders. Three classrooms (one used as a temporary dormitory) and offices serve the first 11 students. Violence following the contested Presidential election hurts Kenya tourism, throws the economy into turmoil, and keeps parents from sending children to the new school; African Angels donations keep teachers employed for 6 students.

2009 – Enrollment picks up at the Makhanga Hope Academy, which now serves 80 students. African Angels provide funds to build a library/classroom at Rhino Primary School in Nakuru District. Will and Liz Stewart purchase water tanks for the Rhino School.

2010 - 2013
2010 - 2013

2010 –Will and Liz Stewart issue a challenge grant to build separate dormitories for boys and girls, and African Angels answer the call.

2011 – Enrollment surpasses 100. The Stewarts again challenge other African Angels to match them in raising funds to build and equip a science building and laboratory and, again, the campaign is successful. 18 seniors for the first time sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), placing 10th in Naitiri Zone.

2012 – Construction begins on the science/laboratory building, but is slowed by shortage of bricks and timber. The school is connected to the power grid, allowing students to read at night, though interrupted by (welcomed??) blackouts. National teachers strike affects costs and enrollment at Makhanga Hope Academy, which declines to 30 per class. 29 seniors take the KCSE exam. Tony Marangabassa suffers burst appendix while on safari and is laid up for 6 months; African Angels answer call for donations to fund teacher salaries. Tony has been paying the teachers salaries for the last 5 years with his safari tips and assisted by Napenda Africa Safaris Limited who are also paying for the office rent.

2013 – Tony returns fully recovered!  African Angels expands Board of Directors to include those experienced in business, education, media, and philanthropy; Website redesigned to make information more readily available supporters, donations easier, and fundraising more efficient; Board of Education names Makhanga Hope Academy the Best Private School in Bungoma North Distrist.

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